Why join us?

  • For us, joining Devayana is not just a stepping stone to a wonderful experience, but a choice towards excellent and different service.   
  • Get to know the most emblematic places on the island, without doubting our commitment to make it happen. Devayana is the best option! 
  • He cares about your well-being and safety, your unforgettable experience, fun and trust in our services.   
  • We provide you with the guarantee and commitment in all your requirements, coordinated with you and developed with an excellent level of quality.     
  • Our team will be happy to give you support in all your needs, providing the best options, both in the selection of the stay and in the services that adapt to your needs.
  • You can have a VIP service, with pick-up at the airport and throughout your stay if you wish to hire it.   

Do you want to live a new experience?

Now you can live a unique experience, buy your package or customize it to your liking. 


Our commitment is to achieve your goal.

Discovering places that will make you return with us.   
Our values ​are focused on the needs of the client, based on the needs for a pleasant stay and emblematic service. 

By marking a different company profile, in which the possibility of a level of comfort is offered to our clients.     

Work with the client to assess their individual needs and find a solution tailored to their requirements. 

The company puts at the customer's disposal a team of specialists to guarantee a quality service according to the expectations offered.    


Give customers competitive rates in all our services, as well as the guarantee of enjoying a different tourist product, which allows them to know the qualities and charm of each contracted destination.       

Dedication and professionalism in the services and objectives proposed, according to a high level of quality, which defines us as a leading company in the market. The objective established in the short term is to reach a potential consumer, who becomes frequent and considered exclusive once they hire our services.   

Our long-term focus will be to capture the needs and tastes of our clients, adapting trends in the product or services contracted.

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