With Devayana you can enjoy a trip full of charm, not worrying about anything and leaving the organization of your wishes and requirements in the hands of our professionals. Our guarantee and commitment supports us in offering the highest quality standards. This in turn gives an excellent VIP service which is available to the client during their stay with us. The guarantee of service, is characterized by responsible tourism and our effort is based on maintaining a delicate balance between achieving tourism development objectives, conserving the fragile natural environment of the islands, and meeting the needs of our guests.

custom packages

You can create your own package, selecting each of the activities that you are interested in discovering, and enjoying in our company.   

Experiment our resorts on the islands.

The Canary Islands is the perfect vacation destination for a vibrant memory of emotions. They stand out among the local beauty, unique and enriching experiences in the midst of beautiful natural landscapes. Each island has a different well-being, adapted to the requirements and needs of each client.


Tenerife is the Island of eternal beauty, a place where there are corners where time stops. The largest of the Canaries, the irresistible island of contrasts and natural riches. Tenerife is a place with a privileged climate to enjoy the outside life but also with an important leisure offer and a varied and exquisite gastronomy. 

Tenerife is the island for everyone. It offers interesting and exciting activities for those seeking motivation. Guests can climb or go on hiking trails with a panoramic view of the entire island. Immerse yourself and discover the charms of the sea with a boat and a large number of marine species that greet you on your underwater journey.
  Putting a flashlight on your head and exploring the different caves on the island of Tenerife or getting on a boat to go from island to island, is another of the charms that our islands offer. 
Devayana coordinators will help you plan your adventure-filled vacation on the Island of your dreams.  

Gran canaria

Sightseeing in Gran Canaria means entering an adventure full of contrasts from the beaches of fine sand, to the peaks full of pine trees, passing through charming villages. There are many essential things to see in Gran Canaria, so organizing your trip well is essential. It is a perfect vacation destination for young people looking for popular attractions. Suitable to make all visitors fall in love with its trails and waterfalls in a setting of exuberant nature and fantasy.


We comply with government guidelines on hygiene standards for our transport vehicles.

Safe Facilities

We ensure safety of our clients and staff with daily health checks. 

GREEN & Clean Experience

We practice safe and responsible travel with low-contact transactions, personalized services and low-density activites.

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